November 1, 2023

How to Gain a Global Advantage by Hiring APAC Talent

Seeking a global market advantage? Tap into Asia-Pacific (APAC) talent with top-notch skills, English fluency, and cost-efficiency. Embrace diversity and thrive in the interconnected global business landscape.

You know that staying ahead of the competition is critical to success. But in today’s global economy, that means thinking beyond your own borders. Hiring overseas talent, especially from Asia, can give your company a competitive advantage. 

Asia is home to 60% of the world’s population and a wealth of highly skilled, motivated workers. While labour costs are rising in places like China and India, there is still an opportunity to tap into an enormous talent pool at a lower cost than in Western countries. More importantly, hiring employees from Asia exposes you to fresh perspectives and cultural diversity that stimulate innovation. 

If you’re not leveraging overseas talent, you’re missing out. Hiring Asian employees, whether as outsourced contractors or to work in-house, allows you to operate 24 hours a day and gain insights into new markets. It gives you a global presence and the cultural awareness to succeed worldwide. While change can be challenging, hiring overseas talent will transform your business for the better. The time to act is now - your competition already is. 

The Benefits of Hiring Employees From Asia

Hiring employees from Asia, specifically India and the Philippines, can give your company a competitive advantage. Their technical and language skills, combined with lower wages, provide major benefits. 

Tech talent in Asia is world-class. Engineering and programmers from India, in particular, have outstanding technical abilities, especially in IT, software engineering, and web development. The Philippines also has a highly educated, English-speaking workforce with tech skills that match those in Western countries. 

Salaries in Asia can be 50-75% lower than in the U.S. or Europe for equally qualified candidates. You’ll gain access to top talent at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to do more with your budget. 

Fluent in English and cultural awareness. Many Asian universities focus on the English language and Western culture. Candidates will integrate well with international teams and understand Western business practices. 

A wider talent pool. Asia’s huge population means a vast, highly skilled talent pool You’ll have many qualified candidates to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect match for your needs. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain a competitive edge through overseas talent. Hiring in Asia provides major benefits to companies worldwide. With their combination of world-class skills, English fluency, and lower costs, employees from APAC can help take your business to the next level. 

Finding and Vetting Overseas Talent

Finding top talent overseas is easier than ever with global networks and remote work capabilities. To gain a competitive edge, focus your search on APAC. 

Conducting a global search 

Use international job sites to post openings. Major platforms like LinkedIn have a global reach. You can also post on region-specific sites popular in target countries. Make the effort to optimise listings for different cultural expectations regarding content and length. 

Vet candidates thoroughly by reviewing qualifications and verifying credentials. Conduct video interviews to assess communication and soft skills. Ask culture-fair questions to determine if the talent will be a fit. Some traits that indicate success in a remote role are resourcefulness, independence, and comfort with technology. 

Once you have promising prospects, consider and extend the paid trial period. This allows candidates to adapt to your workflows and team culture. It also gives you time to properly evaluate work quality, responsiveness, and overall job performance before making a final hiring decision. 

Don’t underestimate the value of local partners. Working with staffing agencies or HR consultants in target countries can help navigate regional hiring challenges. They have on-the-ground knowledge and established candidate networks. Such partnerships increase your access to top talent and streamline the recruitment process. 

With the demand for highly-skilled workers rising globally, companies that tap into overseas talent pools gain a clear competitive advantage. Following international best practices for finding and vetting candidates will set your organisation up for success. A globally-minded, diverse workforce drives innovation. 

Managing a Distributed Cross-Cultural Team 

Managing a distributed cross-culture team requires extra effort and consideration. 

Communication is Key 

With team members spread across the globe, frequent communication is essential. Regular video calls, chat messages, and email updates will help keep everyone on the same page. Be available and responsive to questions. 

Explain things thoroughly since cultural differences and language barriers can lead to misunderstandings. Repeat things as needed. Most importantly, listen to your team and be open to feedback. 

Set Clear Expectations 

Cultural differences mean that work styles and priorities can vary in different regions. Provide very clear objectives, guidelines, and timelines to keep the team aligned. Be specific about what is expected for task completion. This may require extra documentation and follow-up. 

Review work together regularly to ensure consistency. If certain team members need extra support, provide coaching and check-ins. Make sure no one feels marginalised due to their location or background. 

Build Trust and Camaraderie 

While challenging, it’s vital to build your rapport and trust with a distributed team. Make time for casual video calls and encourage friendly chatter on workplace chat apps. Learn about cultural holidays and events in the regions where your team is located. 

Most importantly, be flexible and empathetic. Managing diversity effectively leads to a creative, cohesive team with a valuable range of perspectives. With the right approach, a distributed cross-cultural team can become a formidable competitive advantage. 

APAC Countries to Recruit Remote Workers From 

APAC is home to some of the largest talent pools in the world for hiring remote workers. These include: 


In this changing job landscape influenced by technology and post-lockdown shifts, hiring remote workers in Singapore requires expert partnerships. Singapore, with its strong English proficiency, educated workforce, and top-notch universities, is an excellent choice. 


A promising destination for hiring remote employees, Malaysia possesses a strong economy, a low unemployment rate, and thriving sectors like technology and manufacturing. In 2023, the country saw a 31% increase in hiring, with a focus on technology and digital skills. The travel and hospitality sector is also making a strong recovery post-pandemic. Malaysia's economic growth and government support make it an attractive option for global employers.

India boasts one of the world's largest and most diverse workforces, making it a top destination for IT talent. With a population of 1.3 billion, India offers a vast pool of skilled professionals in fields like IT, AI, and data analytics. It also provides a rich benefits landscape, including unique maternity leave provisions, paternity leave, health insurance, and unlimited paid time off.


The Philippines offers a diverse talent pool for global outsourcing, excelling in customer service and technology. Filipino professionals are well-suited for remote work due to their strong communication and English skills. Manila is the central business hub, with a UTC+8 time zone, using the Philippine peso (PHP). Key cities for remote talent include Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao, each known for specific strengths in various fields.

Indonesia is an ideal spot for remote hiring due to its abundant young workforce, cost-effective options, and diverse talent pool. You can hire contractors or employees, each with unique advantages. Employee hiring entails setting up a presence, understanding local rules, and ensuring compliance with benefits and terminations.


Vietnam's young, skilled workforce and emerging economy make it an attractive option. In this guide, we cover hiring remote employees in Vietnam, including labour laws, cultural aspects, and practical strategies. To attract talent, offer competitive pay, and opportunities for growth, and prioritise work-life balance.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong's distinct identity as a vibrant metropolis, along with its unique government, language diversity in English and Cantonese, and favourable economic environment, makes it an attractive destination for businesses seeking global expansion. 

Hiring in APAC and integrating diverse, international perspectives into your workforce is one of the smartest moves you can make. The world is more connected than ever now, with people all over the world able to access information, collaborate and do business together instantly and seamlessly. 

Organisations that diversify their workforces and open their minds to new ways of thinking are the ones that will thrive in the rapidly globalising world. 

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