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Hire, onboard and manage Asia’s best talent across key functions


New age software development, architecture, big data and analytics, ERP, infrastructure, project management, security and QA

Banking & Financial Services

Analyst, risk, compliance, sales, RM, security, operations


Sales, marketing, business development, account management


Account management, customer service, customer success

Accounting & Finance

Qualified and unqualified


Management, design, and marketing

Operations & Logistics

Supply chain and daily operation activities in shipping, transport, distribution, sourcing

Human Resources

Generalist, talent acquisition, payroll, compensation & benefits


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Frequently asked questions

What is GoAsiaTalent and what services do you offer?

GoAsiaTalent is your dedicated partner for navigating the diverse and dynamic talent landscape of the APAC region. We provide a comprehensive range of talent acquisition solutions, from executive search, contracting, and RPO to regional market analysis, designed to help organisations efficiently and effectively find the right talent.

Can GoAsiaTalent assist me in recruiting and onboarding talent in Asia?

Yes! At GoAsiaTalent, we specialize in helping organisations with their talent acquisition needs in APAC. Whether you're seeking top-tier leadership talent, temporary staff augmentation, or solutions for legal employment compliance, we're here to streamline and ensure the success of your hiring process in the market.

What is the APAC talent landscape like, and why is it important for organisations to consider it for hiring?

The APAC region boasts a rich reservoir of highly educated, multilingual talent, particularly in the tech and manufacturing sectors. For organisations, tapping into this market promises not only cost efficiencies but also access to innovative mindsets and a gateway to expanding into burgeoning Asian markets.

What countries and sectors are covered by GoAsiaTalent’s recruitment services?

Designed as a ‘one-stop shop’ solution, GoAsiaTalent’s unique operating model enables it to find, recruit, and onboard talent in every country and industry sector in Asia Pacific.

Are there specific regulatory and legal considerations when hiring talent in the APAC region?

Each country within the Asia Pacific region has its own unique labour laws, visa regulations, and compliance requirements. Navigating these waters is crucial, and organisations need to be in harmony with local laws to ensure smooth sailing

How can our organisation navigate language and cultural differences during the hiring process across various APAC countries?

Navigating language and cultural variances requires thoughtful planning, cultural sensitivity, and effective communication strategies. Don't be shy to employ language translation services or interpreters to ensure that the conversation flows seamlessly. Or, let us manage it for you.

What are some of the key industries and sectors with high demand for talent in the Asia Pacific region?

Industries like technology, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and e-commerce are booming due to economic expansion, digital transformation, and increasing investment in the region. The high demand in these sectors is driving an increased supply of high-quality talent. Joining this talent hunt in APAC can be your ticket to innovation, cost savings, and global expansion!

Other than the unrivaled market coverage, what else sets GoAsiaTalent apart from other talent acquisition firms in the APAC region?

GoAsiaTalent distinguishes itself through its deep regional expertise and commitment to providing tailored solutions. We take pride in our ability to understand the unique needs of each client and our extensive network and in-country expertise across APAC.

Can GoAsiaTalent assist with diverse hiring requirements, including remote and cross-border talent acquisition?

Yes, we can! GoAsiaTalent's services are flexible and adaptable to a variety of hiring needs. Whether you require local talent for specific markets or need assistance with cross-border and remote hiring, we have the expertise to make it happen.

How does GoAsiaTalent stay up-to-date with the ever-changing talent landscape in the APAC region?

We have a dedicated team that continuously monitors market trends, legal changes, and cultural shifts across the APAC countries we serve. This ongoing research allows us to offer informed and up-to-date advice and solutions for our clients' hiring needs.

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